Home Business Income Recreates A Bush Dwellers Dignity

Home Business Income Recreates A Bush Dwellers Dignity

Life continues to set its own pace, if you allow it to do so. Some of us will have heard this thousand times from friends and neighbors. -Oh, I could do some extra money. Then I can make the difference between those who complain and those who act are successful. But success is within reach of both camps, moaners and goats in equal amounts. I was sure God and Fatherland had abandoned me after losing all I had because of a good friend who would help me drive my business. He did it, he ran it into the field. I lost everything, my home, my wife and all my belongings besides my clothes. The pace I lost friends was amazing. The problem was, no more boat, no beer, no more grills on board etc.

The guy occupied in his closet in the locker room felt. I could see it by the way he looked at me. He certainly knew that I had fallen in difficult times. A club has an instant messaging system, in some way these things spread like a wild fire. He introduced himself, and very uninterestingly, I said a kind of sore hello. I did not recognize him. Unbelievably, I did not feel sorry at all. He dropped some coins into the beverage machine and had a coffee and gave me one too.

Looking back, these were some of the most educational days in my life I made two very good friends. Both slept in todays heat and scrimmaged through the beach front dirt boxes at night. They shared their loot with me and I mine with them. A very warm coveted area was the area in front of the beach Wimpy Café. It seemed like people who bought took away food and sat around the beach benches enjoying the sea breeze while eating would always leave some chips or some of the fish or whatever in their box when you let it go in the box. Even in the beach bush apartheid was superior. The white hobos slept well away from the black, the day we were friends. I live in South Africa.

I discovered that he was an ex-math teacher at a school in KwaZulu-Natal where he was robbed of everything he had in his home. He had gone on a school trip with the researchers on the school bus to another city, when he returned home the house was empty, the bird flew the estate and took his 2 sons. He has never married again. I have not asked him for reasons that are a very bad point. I learned that she had never worked in her married life and that it was difficult for her to earn. I told him I know where she is, but he said if he worked she would take what he got. Not a good attitude, but I could not hover his mind. This is really the main reason he has given up on life.

About a week after my first yacht club had washed, I felt itchy and dirty, I had not got used to any bath etc. I went to the yacht club again, the worker was obviously turned off. The laundry room was unlocked. I thought I would sneak in and have a laundry and even wash the only extra shirt I had as I wore too, if you left it in your luggage in the bush, the others would wear it.

By this time I had lived in the bush for 5 weeks. I could not imagine if I would completely choose life, and stay a residents residence, or if I would give life another way to go. A life without any bills to pay, call or call, or need to make a decision that may come back, etc. I liked that part of my bush, but a whiskey before dinner also has its very special attractions.

We arranged for him to gather on the beach the next day. I said I did not have any clean clothes and joked and said I could scare his dog. He laughed and confirmed the next days meeting. The day I introduced a lifestyle of comfort and freedom, he introduced me to the Internet Home Business concept. He had me around a few times. The ease with which his fingers paraded over the computer keyboard made me wonder if I had enough knowledge and skill to succeed.

After I started to recover some kind of dignity in my life, made possible by the internet companys company income, I tried hard to convince him to move into my 1 bedroom with me. He refused who often refers to his lady friend dwelling dweller, he said she would not survive without him. She was weak and old. I arrived one evening to get them some food and drink. I had made soup for them, especially because it was cold. The wind fell in from the ocean. I hooted, but Gary did not show up. I searched and waited till late in the evening for some of the other bush boys to come to the seafront for their search for food.

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